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The "Just Say What's on My Goofy Mind" Thread. Feel free to participate.

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I think I'm going to change my signature. I am going to replace LCHF with KETO. The Consonant, Vowel, Consonant, Vowel sounds less monotonous than Consonant, Consonant, Consonant, Consonant. My LCHF is KETO, but Keto just sounds less bland as a descriptor.
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I know people who have cell phones and hardly ever use them.
That would be me:vs_cool:
Only use the cell phone for emergencies. No social media. Don't text (only email).

I'm waayyy behind the times, and like it that way.
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Had a sad moment today. I was working at the thrift shop where I volunteer, going through the contents of a couple bins recently donated. Most of which was of some woman's sewing supplies. They were all old - some decades old and a few items that would be considered "vintage" nowadays. She must have been sewing clothes for many years - maybe for herself and her children. She was frugal because there were zippers there that had been removed from dresses - to be used again?

Within one of the bins was a small shipping box from a medical supply company - sealed and unopened. It contained about 6 boxes of blood glucose testing strips and three boxes of lancets. I was suddenly saddened realizing that something must have happened to this woman soon after she received the shipment. I expect that she passed away and her family just dumped her sewing stuff in bins to donate. In there was also the woman's medical alert device.

We often receive donations of items from the houses of those who pass away and I'm not much affected emotionally. Somehow this one was personal to me. I guess because of the diabetic supplies and being able to relate to her on this level at least, and also I have sewn a lot in my lifetime and know what it's like to accumulate a great deal of supplies that one never really uses.

BTW, the test strips had an expiration date of 2013. We tossed them. But did put the lancets out for sale, as they don't actually go bad. Hopefully it will be a great find for someone who can't easily afford them.
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It's Spring and with it lovely weather. I spent the last few weeks watering and babying a 10'x25' reseeded area of the lawn. The rest of the lawn is in poor shape but with some fertilizer and regular watering I'm hoping it'll come back to health.

I lost the whole of last spring and summer recovering from shoulder replacement surgery. And the lawn lost its vigor as a result of total neglect. The wild violets are doing very well, though.

It feels good to be outside doing some gardening again.
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I didn't see the fence in the link (didn't go past that first page). But I have an example of it not working - because of owner irresponsibility.

The dog must be trained to the "fence". The owner needs to spend time walking it on a leash around the perimeter so it knows where it is and monitor the dog when it's off leash for a while. It must not be just let out in the yard to find it on its own. My son's neighbor did just that and it so traumatized the dog that it wouldn't step foot off the deck. They ended getting rid of the dog.

My son tried it for his dogs but found it didn't work on his sloped yard. I guess it only works well on flat ground.
Well... DARN! I've been "glutened"!!!

I haven't been exposed to gluten in over a year, perhaps two. I'm VERY careful. Always read ingredients and only eat at restaurants that have a gluten-free menu.

I found two new dairy alternative items and broke the cardinal rule for one with food allergies - only try one new food at a time. Three days ago I ate both of them, not only on one day, but the following day as well. I've been having symptoms for the last two days, and if I follow the usual progression of having gluten, I have another day or two to go with this.

I'll be throwing out the foods and am really bummed. In order to find out which one it was, I'll have to eat them again. But not for a few weeks until my GI tract is healed up and not causing issues.

The one was a cheddar "cheese". And this one actually tasted like sharp cheddar and not American. It's a brand (daiya) I've had before (dairy-free cream cheese) without any problems. So perhaps it's the almond-milk yogurt.
Life quote I just read.

"Happiness is not getting everything you want, it's enjoying what you have."

A variation on "Count your blessings"
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I've been having the same problem with cauliflower -- fresh is easily found; frozen not so much.
I have taken to freezing my own from fresh cauliflower. There's no comparison between home frozen and commercial frozen.

If there's a really nice, pure white head at the store, and (most importantly) I have time to process it that same day, I'll get it. I have found it doesn't pay to put off getting it in the freezer pronto - if I put it off for a day or two, mold begins to grow on it.

I have discovered that one can freeze zucchini successfully. I slice in fairly thick slices, put on a tray and freeze (no blanching). Then bag it. They defrost with still some firmness left in them. (The store-bought sliced zucchini was a bit too soggy for my taste after defrosting.)
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