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The price of insulin -- and everything else

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USA Today article on how diabetics spend a lot of money on things other than insulin: meters (sometimes), strips (often), pumps (if used), co-pays for medication, etc. Some of this likely is a "duh" from our perspective but I think it's good to see a mass-market news source point up that managing diabetes has more components than just the price of one medication that not even all diabetics use.

What ways have you found to economize on managing your diabetes?

Since I've been managing mine with diet and exercise, many of the techniques to cut costs for groceries apply (buying frozen or dried, not fresh, buying in bulk and portioning, etc.). One of the biggest savings I made came early on, though, in buying my own meter (a cheap one from Target) that uses cheap strips. When I first started "eating to my meter" I was burning through 10-12 strips a day; a considerable expense with some meters.
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