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Here are the top 23 favorite low-carb snacks as they appear on another diabetes site.

Peanut butter
Cheddar cheese
String cheese
Cottage cheese
Broccoli with melted cheese
Salad with free veggies and low-carb dressing
Tomato and mozzarella salad
Celery with peanut butter
Fresh berries with low-fat plain yogurt
Veggies with hummus
Cucumbers with olive-oil and rice vinegar
Carrot sticks
Snap peas with Caesar dressing
Radishes with tzatziki
Green beans cooked and cooled with lemon juice
Sauteed Spinach
Rotisserie chicken
Deli meat
Pepperoni and cheese
Beef jerky
Hard boiled eggs
The only two I question are cottage cheese and the tomatoes. I treated myself to a bloody mary this past weekend and my sugar rose quite a bit. Besides that Richard, you are always full of great info. Thanks:)
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