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There is an App for everything

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Does anyone know of an app that tells you what the macro-nutrients are in your menu? I would like a user friendly one for your phone that has a large database of different foods. I think my BS are higher than normal because I'm eating the wrong things thinking they are the right things. Or would you suggest a dietitian appointment is necessary?

Penny :smile2:
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I'm eating the wrong things thinking they are the right things.
There's a surefire way to tell is you're eating right for your diabetes.

Test, test, test.


Once you determine that a food is "good" or "bad" you can avoid the bad ones and base your menus on the good ones.

Re: a dietitian - I'm not sure you'll benefit a lot from one. Usually they recommend way more carbs than most diabetics can safely eat, allow a higher BG level than is actually safe, and couple their poor advice with medications to compensate.

A good read through will educate you well beyond most dietitians, and even some doctors.
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