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They put me on insulin today

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This past week I've been urinating a lot, waking up 4 to 5 times a night to go take a piss. Mouth dry. Thought to myself, "this feels like when I was first diagnosed with diabetes."

This morning I test my blood sugar, it was over 600, my meter only goes to 600. So I called my endocrinologist and left a message. I went to work and within an hour or so, a nurse calls. She tells me to head to the ER, which I do. My blood sugar was over 800. The ER's meter only goes to 800.

Make a long story short, several hours later, 2 IV bags and some insulin I was down to 278. I got home and a few hours later it was up to almost 400. And I hadn't eaten anything.

Spoke to my endocrinologist, she says my tests were all good. My AC1 is 6.5, they have no idea what caused it. Apparently my body went out of whack. I'm Type 2 and now I need to be on a daily insulin.

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I'm sorry, Rolaids. It's disheartening when you're working to avoid an outcome and it arrives anyway. I wish you the best in adapting. Please let us know how we can support you.
I'm so sorry this happened to you! Blood sugar can rise when you aren't eating also. We're here to listen if nothing else.
Wow, sorry to hear that Rolaids. Good thing y'all caught it before serious DKA conditions set in.

You should probably have a follow up with your endo and see if she will test to make sure you are not LADA, late onset type 1. DKA is rare for type 2 diabetics but I am aware of a few who were originally diagnosed as being diabetic after experiencing DKA and turned out being type 2. I guess our bodies can and do do things they aren't supposed to.
That sounds like me. I haven't eaten anything today and it's 6 p.m. and my blood sugar is 278! Sometimes it's up to almost 400. I just don't know what's going on and then there's other times that it'll be down to 150. So I guess I don't worry anymore when it gets the 3 or 400 hundred.
Sorry that you're having these problems. I hope it gets straightened out. When I went to an endocrinologist her goal was to get my A1C down. She did that by getting my insulin up to 64 units a day. And she said come back in 6 months. That was her goal. She didn't care what else was wrong with me she just wanted my A1C down. I don't go to endocrinologist anymore.
Have a good and safe day!
When I was in hospital, after a stent, a lady came around every fifteen minutes to check my vitals. Blood Pressure. Pulse, O2 levels. She told me her experience, a Type 2. She came to work one day, like can happen, where there was a storm, and this that and the other. Barely on time. She had taken Insulin, but had not eaten breakfast, or any food. She was walking down the hall, and suddenly she stopped, and said, "I don't feel so good." Wham. Hit the floor.

Said she would have died had she been any place else. She immediately had three highly competent Cardiologists on the floor with her. They determined her pulse was over two hundred. Her blood sugar was over four hundred. Her blood pressure was way up in stroke territory.

Solution? Anyone want to guess?

Most average people would say. Blood sugar that high, give her more insulin. and it would have killed her.

The Liver will change what it has into blood sugar, while Insulin is high. Technically it is not fat into sugar but Glucogen until somehow the liver knows-- it got a bit of blood sugar from some other source besides itself. Then the Liver will stop doing Dump. Yes that is what is caused Liver Dump, and part of what is called Dawning. The other part of Dawning is that the body will not absorb sugar, because she was a Type Two.

High Blood sugar makes the blood thick, which is why her blood pressure was through the roof, and her heart was beating fast to try to get the O2 around.

If one is a Type Two. You have to eat a little bit every so often.

If one is a Type One, the docs say eat something before you go to sleep to keep the blood sugar from going too low during the night.

If one is Type Two my doc tells me, before I go to sleep, to eat a snack of like fifteen carbs. About a piece of toast. Half a Banana. Or four of those prepackaged cheese crackers with peanut butter. Now for a different reason than a Type One. To keep my Liver Dump from taking over during the night, and I wake up dead.
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I wrote a lot more, that I thought was correct for a newcomer. Why, who, deleted it.
foodahollic, the mods here do not alter posts without telling the poster about it (unless it's clearly inappropriate content, like spam advertising or hate speech, neither of which apply to the posts I've seen from you -- and then you'd be banned from the forum anyway). So I'm not sure what happened that apparently modified your post. It is possible for users to edit posts for a while after making them. It also is possible that an unrefreshed Web page or a browser cache issue showed you different text than existed before.

But I can tell you that we don't do that kind of thing here. If we have to have a post altered, we remove the post from visibility while we discuss it with the poster via Private Message (called Conversations here). Looking at the conversations that have taken place recently, I don't see that anything like that has gone on. I wish I had something more concrete to tell you.

If you have more information about this, please take it to a conversation/private message with me or @mbuster, the other mod here.
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Could you be thinking of the other post you did yesterday, it was quite lengthy.
Of course you are right. I have an issue with the way Edge stores tab favorites, and did not find all that writing I had accomplished.
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