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Things that I've learned from Covid

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I learned that having more than a 2 week supply of hygeine products is important. And, the ones that I felt were least important - hand sanitizer, gloves, masks, and bleach - can actually be the most important.

What will I be doing different? When the amazon supplies are back to normal. next year? I will be buying lots of masks and gloves.

Incidentally, I think this is actually an anti-hoarding idea. If I stock up while no one needs them, then I am 1 less person that is looking to buy them when they are short in supply and high in demand.

Your thoughts?

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I have one of these on order from aliexpress. I plan to make a drinkable grade alcohol for sanitizing, barter, and one of my favorite past times - fuel for my alcohol stove when I make camp coffee.

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Thanks, and if I choose to stock up while there is no harm to others, and someone else chooses to finance a fancy car(ie not stock up).

Well, if later, the guy in the car cries 'hoarder!', I will not be listening.

Edit: on the other hand, maybe my 2012 jetta will get a fancy set of tires. lol
I think I will buy the black disposeable mechanics gloves from Princess Auto as they are resistant to oil damage. And, I also like the sandwich making gloves, they are extremely cheap but you can get alot of them for relatively no money.

For n95 masks, I actually like the cheaper ones because the more expensive ones had a valve on them that doesnt last long, and it is a feature that is no good for pandemic uses.

I suffer from fogging glass syndrome so I'm also stocking up on transpor tape. Im not sensitive to adhesives so I'm going to tape the top edge of the mask to my face on the occasions where I need it for 20 min or more.

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another thing i will look for is a bulk alovera gel that can be added to alcohol.

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