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Things that I've learned from Covid

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I learned that having more than a 2 week supply of hygeine products is important. And, the ones that I felt were least important - hand sanitizer, gloves, masks, and bleach - can actually be the most important.

What will I be doing different? When the amazon supplies are back to normal. next year? I will be buying lots of masks and gloves.

Incidentally, I think this is actually an anti-hoarding idea. If I stock up while no one needs them, then I am 1 less person that is looking to buy them when they are short in supply and high in demand.

Your thoughts?

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Like VeeJay, I came into the pandemic fairly well-stocked. I had a supply of gloves, N99 masks, sanitizers, etc because of my cancer, and paper products because I'm a Costco shopper! The one thing I did stock up more on are things that were outdated from my earthquake preparedness as I just don't eat them, mostly canned low-carb veggies and as low-carb soup as I could find.

I did up the ratio of meat to other things in my little chest freezer. That freezer is limping along, not maintaining 0 degrees, so I got a slightly larger one that is supposedly being delivered mid-July. We shall see.

Fortunately, I had Clorox disinfecting wipes on my Amazon Subscribe and Save coming in to this. Though they never show in stock, Amazon continues sending them to me monthly so I got lucky there.

Oh - and I had a case of 190 proof grain alcohol in the attic that I used to make liqueurs with! When I got diabetes I stopped of course, but the alcohol sat there. Was going to toss it but glad I didn't because it's a great back-up alcohol supply :)
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