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I just wanted to introduce myself to the forum.

I've had Type 1 for about 28 years now, which is generally quite well controlled although I have some major problems with my eyes related to retinopathy. I'm very interested to see how you do things on the other side of the "pond" to here in the United Kingdom. You seem to use insulin pumps a lot more than we do over here.
Best wishes to all

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Hello Peter. I am happy to hear that you have good control after 28 years of Type 1. I have had Type 1 for 62 years and I have only a few minor complications. If we have good control and keep our A1c's low, preferably below 6.5, then we have a better chanceof having a long, healthy life without major complications. Good luck to you!


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Hi There Peter! Welcome Aboard! :)

Good job on having decent control of your Diabetes for that long.
You didn't specify your "major problems with Retinopathy".

I was dxd. 46 yrs. ago this mth. I was dxd. with Proliferative
Retinopathy(PR)on my left eye only(after 22 yrs. of Diabetes). A
couple of extra and weak vessels.

I was not educated properly when I was a Kid and we of course had
no meters, etc. I ended up in a 3 day coma when I was 18 which
I believe was the start of the Retinopathy. There were no symptoms
(that is why regular bi/tri-yrly Ophthalmologist visits are necessary).

Anyways, I had 2 visits x 250 shots of laser on my left eye. That was
24 yrs. ago and my Ophtho said my eyes look beautiful and he doesn't
need to see me 'til next yr.(unless I need him, of course).

As far as the pumps, I don't use one yet(they kinda creep me out but
I am interested in the Omnipod). Our system in North America(as far
as the pumps go)is about the same as yours in the UK. The US Health System does not cover pumps so they are usually covered by the Diabetics Insurance or by their Employer or the Diabetic pays out of pocket. Please correct me if I am wrong there Richard.

It is the same in Canada except Oct. 7th or 8th(I think it was), our
Health Minister said they would be covering pumps for Adults in Ontario
the same as they did for Kids 18 yrs. and younger last yr.
He did not say when they would start coverage for the pumps for Adults

In the UK Diabetics have gotten their pumps paid for by your Gov. you
know but you have to fit into a certain criteria and your Dr. has to fill
out the appropriate forms.

Thanks for the Good Wishes and Back at You. ;) Take Care and hope
to talk to you again.

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