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Have been diagnosed type II for about 5 yrs. No meds. One visit to RD and very little info from Dr. Have ignored condition. A1C started at 5.1 and is now at 6.4. Dr. did not seem concerned. Have started to monitor daily and was shocked to have evening highs of 202. Fasting a.m. at 179 and after breakfast 220. Dropped to 80. Is this really bad? I am going to get my act together and start walking and watching. Any advice would be appreciated.
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Your starting A1C was good. Guidelines from ADA says A1C to be 6. or below. In my opinion, your fasting is above normal and after breakfast seems to be high but you didn't say how many hours after breakfast. You said breakfast and then 80. If you ate breakfast and 2 hours later you were down to 80, then that would be great! A lot can happen with diabetes. You said you ignored your diabetes for 5 years. I ignored mine for 2 years and ended up with a bunch of problems, but everyone is unique and different. You said you are going to get back on track. That is great and good luck. Find a doctor who is interested in you and diabetes.
Welcome to our diabetes site, Tiger! I try to keep my blood sugar between 70 and 130 and I can do that about 90% of the time. I have had 64 years of practice and I am using an insulin pump. That make it much easier.

If you used meds or insulin you would have much better control, without those highs. This assumes you would use tight control and diet and exercise appropriately. Type 2 is progressive and Type 2's typically reach the point where medication is needed. Then medication may stop working several years later and insulin can become necessary. You can put off needing meds and insulin by using tight control, eating low carb and exercising a lot every day. I eat 130 carbs per day and walk at a brisk oace for one hour each day. I am 70 years old. If I was younger I would exercise more.

I hope you are not overweight since that usually increases insulin resistance and the need for meds. Ask all the questions you want, we are here to help!

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Welcome Tiger, and congrats on your renewed commitment to control your BG. This is a good place to start - there's a lot we can learn from each other.

Nice to meet you - visit us often & post all your comments & questions!
Welcome, tiger! You will find lots of help and support here.

Welcome Tiger, you are in a great forum.

I have Diabetes Type 2, as well. You need to keep your numbers between 90-140. A lot of people with Type 2 keep within a closer range: 80-120.

You need to watch your serving sizes. If a box or bottle says 1/2 cup serving size, measure it and stick to it. Watch the carbohydrates!! You should only have no more than 150 carbohydrates per day. Use only non fat milk and non fat yogurt is a great dessert with a tablespoon of preserves and a few nuts with it.

Check your blood sugar before each meal. That way you will know whether to eat more or less. If it is high, eat less. Not eating is not good. Then 45 minutes after you eat, exercise. Between lunch and dinner is when my bg is high, that is when I need to exercise.

Fasting will mess up your numbers. Plus, it makes you more hungry for lunch and you eat more then.

I hope I have been of help. I have the same problems with doctors. Ask to be referred to a really good nutritiionist!! Check out the diet section of the forum.

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