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Totally agree with this:
“There is no permanent cure for diabetes, because the cells that produce insulin have been damaged and the underlying genetic factors remain,” Lucas says. “The patient does maintain an increased susceptibility to recurrence of diabetes, so lifestyle interventions must be continued.”
Most of this:
Weight loss and maintenance, diet adherence, and activity are key to improving chances of remission.
Weight loss on its own is not enough, however a proper diet and activity can do it and most likely weight loss will be a result.

I know a couple of people who have had bariatric surgery, who did initially lose weight, neither adhered to their diet, and gained their weight back plus some. One was diabetic the other was not, but did experience hypoglycemia occasionally. The diabetic one, if he went into remission, it wasn't for very long.

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Yeah, I hate to see ads (or "doctors") that claim to cure diabetes. A pancreas transplant might do that, but if diabetes comes back if you stop watching what you eat/gain weight or exercise or take their magic pills, it isn't cured. I do think there's a genetic predisposition to it that plays a minority factor. But it's hard to do the kinds of studies needed to show that factor is more nature than nurture.
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