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I was so stressed out when my BG's was creeping up and hitting over 9 where the highest BG's max for me being a younger person at 37 years old.

BG's Levels: 8.2 should be the highest (after meals) and 5.9-6.2 should be the max for me at fasting sugar in the morning before meals and drinks for me according to My Doctors, 3 Diabetic Educators and even my Upper Gastrointestinal, Hernia & Obesity Surgeon Mr Simon woods. Dr. Simon Woods, Upper Gastrointestinal and Obesity Surgeon, Melbourne Australia

I have spent so much effort, time, took 3 months off from work and maybe more, Doctors, Gym, 3 to 4 hours of Exercise a day, meds, 3 blood monitors, BP meters, Diabetes Educators, Eye, Endo Specialist and even thinking of going for a Lap Band Surgery just to fix the BIG D and My Obesity Issues.

IF i ever decided to go for a Lap band, it would be around Feb or Surgery takes place in May 2012 as before the Surgery, I MUST be ON LIQUID DIET for 3 months to prove to the Surgeon I can proof myself to be on Liquid Diet after the Surgery As nothing SOLID Food will bypass my stomach.. (Very hard work and HUGE commitment)

And so, this is NOT just a WALK IN and WALK OUT Surgery.. IT NEEDS HUGE AND A LOT OF COMMITMENTS Before the Surgeon even Consider operating on me.

And I wont be even thinking of removing the lap band even I have lose weight as I have a Big and bad eating habits from the past and I know myself very well.

I Just want this Big D to go away and lead my life without Meds and LOST Weight.. I have speak to a few patients who went thru this Surgery have lost weight and their BG's are normal without Meds after 6 months of the Lap Band Surgery.

Dr Simon Woods (Upper Gastrointestinal, Hernia & Obesity Surgeon) told me I am a Good Candidate for this Lap band Surgery As i am on LOW carbs diet and also being Diabetic and I will lose MIN 30-40% of my Weight. And once my Weight is down, I might be off meds for my High blood, Hypertension and Big D or lower meds on Big D.

The past 2 weeks was too overwhelming for me as my new meds wasn't bring my BG's down and after putting more effort in Exercise and 3 days only veggies and extra 1 to 2 more hours more effort in walking or gym, my Bg levels is even creeping and not coming down in Fasting Sugar.. when I see my Dr last week, he ask me to wait for another 1 month and he will decide if he is going to add another dose on it.. I know my body very well, I am very sensitive to any meds I take and most of the time, max is 3 days the meds will be kicking in (being a younger fellow does have some advantage.. opps )

I went to see my Dr again yesterday and I told him My BG’s is not doing well at all and its been 2 weeks I started this meds and if he still ask me to wait for another 2 more week, I will see another Dr for 2nd opinion and might not return to see him anymore if I don't have any support from him.
He keeps saying: I am doing very well from the past blood work BG’s and My Cholesterol results and I said NO, I want more expectations from you DR to tell me what should I do more!!

He was shock when I mentioned that and he told me to add another dose on it and come back for another blood work to check if my kidney is fine. I told him I have very high expectations on my health and food and my Exercise and Even my Dr’s. I want higher Expectations to push myself to the limit and I know if I don't do now, I wont do it anymore!

Today fasting Sugar came back to 5.2 this morning and I have not see that number after I started my new meds in 13 days! Woohoo!! My Stress level just went down from 110% to 10%.

Sorry If I have Offended anyone, I sincerely apologise.

And to Tony: Sorry for being so mean to you. (I never was such a person before & after having the Big D and mood really swings me around, I know Excuse.) Maybe you hit me on a wrong time on my post where I was trying to seek for advice and you were being off topic on my post a few times. Sometimes, I just didn’t read or take my time to thinking before writing it.

To anyone who I offended: Sorry.

Here is some Blood work results from the last 2 months, and if still someone is doubting it, I can give you my Dr Tel and name and you can ring him.

Glucose test result: Screenshot by Lightshot
Cholesterol test result: Screenshot by Lightshot

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Aw JT - you've done so well, and yes it's overwhelming and we can get into moods (ha - I'm having hot flashes also, imagine how I wheel around some days!)

I think your blood tests are fasting glucose, and it's just a matter of labelling. Those aren't the same as the A1C test (which is not a snapshot in time like a fasting glucose, but reflects an approximate 3-month average).

It's no big deal. Great results are great results and you've been getting them. You've much to be proud of :)

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JT i was never offended. I just wanted to make sure you did not feel bad.

Your results are great. Congrats on these. And as moon mentioned above there's a minor issue in labelling. Your results are "fasting glucose" and not HbA1c but with your great fasting numbers you are on your way to a great HbA1c

You are doing loads of hardwork. I really am inspired by your determination and committment.

Best of luck and again I was never offended. You guys are the best pals I now have in my life

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