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Totally Random Chat Thread

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I thought it might be fun to have an ongoing chat thread for totally random off topic thoughts.

I spent the weekend exploring the city (San Antonio, Texas) for some urban photography shots and hanging out with my grandkids.

Cloud Sky Property Building Window

What's going on in your world? :vs_coffee:
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Now they have left and are doing their own thing - my spouse and I are empty nesters - it's absolutely WONDERFUL - but I find myself worrying about them more now then ever before.
LOL, so true! When my son was a baby I was asked how I was doing. I said, "I'll be ok when he starts letting me sleep all night." The lady answered, "My son is grown and he still keeps me up at night."
I now fully understand what she meant! :vs_laugh:
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What does the collagen do?
Thanks for the link. Sounds interesting...
1 - 3 of 164 Posts
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