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Been trying for the LONGEST time to find a decent sized coffee mug for coffee, tea, etc.....

It's been about 3 years for me trying to find the right sized cup. I just haven't been able to find one.

Today I was in Bed, Bath, and Beyond and decided that I will just get a couple of these itsy bitsy mugs, since I can't find a large one........


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Nope, I haven't run away from home. I have just been completely buried in a work project, so I am usually hiding in my personal command center here at home.

Computer Personal computer Peripheral Computer keyboard Computer monitor

On the left, you see my PC with tower and 27in monitor, along with the modem and router.

On the right, you see a MacBook Pro with an external 27in monitor. There may be a few sets of speakers hiding in there as well.

Yes, I use two office chairs because I don't like sliding back and forth. (I only had to run over my own toes one time to reach that decision.)

Yes, it appears I may be a bit of a geek. Maybe?

P.S. I just did a random check of my blood sugar. 91.

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I used to roast my own coffee and decided last week that I was going to start again. My old roaster is okay I think but very vulnerable to the motor dying (I killed 2 of them) so got a back-up off eBay since I don't have the energy to go through a learning curve with a new one.

Ordered 5 lbs of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (seeing that green bean offering in a buying co-op of sorts is what stimulated all this ... LOVE Yirg!) ... and all should arrive by next week.

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