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One of the many complications associated with diabetes are heart diseases. Although cholesterol is making all the news, triglycerides probably play a bigger role. Insulin resistance may play a part in that by not letting the body utilize glucose properly, with excess being converted to triglycerides and eventually stored as fat for future use.

Here is an article from Doc' Opinion (a cardiologist in Iceland) that tells a little about triglycerides and offers some what to do about it info.

Anybody out there dealing with high triglycerides or anybody who has dealt them in the past? Join in to ask questions, offer what has helped with your trigs, or add links to good articles on the subject.
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FWIW, my triglycerides were in the very high range before I developed diabetes (>1000mg/dL). That was about 10 years ago, when I was in much better physical shape, doing plenty of strength training and cardio, etc. That unwelcome surprise. Talking with the doctor, her opinion was that there was basically nothing more I could really do in terms of diet and exercise, so she put me on Lopid, and later once diabetes hit, Lipitor. Both were quite effective in pushing my triglycerides and cholesterol into the normal range.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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