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I am sure there are other stories like mine in here so sorry if it is redundant.

I have had IDDM for close to six years now, onset at age of 30... well there was a concern at age 25 that I might be a diabetic but it was blown off as being heat related... fainted playing hockey and had a bg of 50. Turns out my Doc says I have had the marker... auto-immune since birth.

In any event over the years I have put on weight like most 30 somethings. Not huge but do have a gut and a double chin. Cardio is not what it once was.... it sucks now.

My average bg fasting is 120. When I hit 200 I get thirsty and when I hit 80 I get the shakes. On average I am using 10 units per meal and 30 units of 24hr at night. I can't seem to lose I know! The problem I run into is my sugar drops when I exert myself. Sometimes slow but often fast. I can have a sugar of 200 and 20 minutes later I am at 80... this after exercise with no insulin. I can't figure it out but it happens a lot. I am scared to workout hard. That is the easy part.

I am a firefighter and that kind of life goes from doing nothing to huge workloads at a moments notice. Nothing like being in a fire and having the shakes because my sugar is low. I have had to bailout a few times for as a Medic and a IDDM patient, I know if I go down... not just my life that could be lost.

My sugar can best described... I dunno how to describe it. I can be fine one minute at like 100 and then boom 5 minutes later I am shaking at 60. I do any sort of work and my sugar bottoms out on me. I fight back with OJ or a sports drink and then I am spending the next few hours trying to bring it down. It is very depressing because there is no win. I have gone a day or two without insulin and the same problems can happen with the sudden drop.

My ignorance or maybe me just being naive... says well I got the extra 20 or so pounds on me... look 4 months pregnant... all the glucose in the fat... hey that will come out of the cells feed glucose into my system and hey I will lose weight. No... instead I am not losing weight and having low sugar.

I was told my pancreas barely produces insulin and the insulin it does produce is wasted away on my gut. I have heard of the liver releasing stored glucose which bumps people who exercise a lot. I can't say that my liver is doing this for if it is it is very suttle. Makes me consider Hepatic issues but normal liver function levels.

Anyone else going through this?

If i sound like a nube... lol I am. Paramedics and Firefighters are taught how to take care of others... and we think we can take care of ourselves so often seeking medical advice is hard.

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