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I am trying to understand my current BG trends. I am on 2000mg/daily Metformin and 1mg/weekly Ozempic and I have a Freestyle Libre 14 sensor. My average BG has been about 140 for the last 4 months. Most of the day I rarely get lower than about 130, even with no carbs or < 5 grams of carbs for a meal. I almost never go under 110, maybe once a week. I can eat no carbs for breakfast or lunch, no carbs/sugar in my drinks and at dinner time I might be down to 110/120 BG. Even after working out for an hour at the gym my BG is normally the same or higher than when I started. It just seems like I am rarely in the "Normal" range for my BG. IF on very rare occasion I dip under 80 then it comes right back up on its own. I just can't seem to stay out of the high range.

These results just seem so different than all the advice I have been given from doctors/dietitians.

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Hi hooverbw, welcome to the forum.

Have you been tested for Type 1 antibodies or insulin levels? Many late onset cases of Type 1 are misdiagnosed as Type 2 early on because there are no other indications at first because insulin production is still there. It is possible that if you are eating no carbs and your insulin production is dropping off, that could explain your numbers. Your pancreas may not be able to respond to the Ozempic if your beta cells aren't capable of more production.
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Hello, hooverbw. I'd like to welcome you to the forum, too.

I think mbuster has a well-placed hammer on the nail here. Definitely worth checking that out with your care team.

The other suggestion I'd make is to go over your Libre "installation" -- sensors stored properly, within whatever expiration date they may have, sensor situated in an appropriate spot on your body, etc. I note that you've been registered here since 2016. Is there a change elsewhere that coincided with this new trend? Any other issues with the Libre? Changed position on your skin? Any change related to the Ozempic?

I'm definitely for the T1 check as mbuster suggests, but it wouldn't hurt to review what may have changed around you since you noticed this trend.
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