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Type 1 - having kids

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Hi everyone

I'm new here but since my first post will also be a question, I decided to post it here instead of the "introduction" forum.

First of all, i'd like to say that the idea of this forum is really nice, I'll be able to get informations and answers about diabetes, and I like to know stuff.

I am however, not diabetic, but my boyfriend is (he has also epileptic, but controlled, he didn't have a seizure in years) , we've been living together for a little over a year now so I was able to see the ups and down, he's more stable than when we first started dating thats for sure, he knows I worry ^^; (even after a year its still worrying me sometime) I know usually it's people who have to deal with this personally that comes here, but he doesn't really have the time and he's not the most computer savvy person there is.

Now however, we are planning to have kids, in a few month, I am stopping the pills. But he's scared that his kids will have to deal with diabetes as well, we both know it's something that we can deal with, but we're also not sure and it's a pretty delicate situation.

Is there a lot of chance that the babies will grow up to have type 1? Is there even any way to know?

We could ask our doctors, but we live in a province where family doctors are scarce and it takes months, sometime up to a year to have an appointment (which we have, but it's in October) we're both not really interested having to wait all those times to have some answers, so I figured I'll ask the good ol' web ;)

sorry for the rambling, it's late ;)

Thanks !

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Val? Nobody has posted to this thread in three years, and the people who had posted before are no longer active here. You'll get used to checking the dates after you've been here a little longer . . . but I think I'll just close the thread now.
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