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Type 1 Significant Other - Introduction

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Hello all! As the significant other of a type 1 diabetic, I am trying to learn all I can about the illness and what I can do to help her. She was diagnosed in her childhood and has been living with it for about 25 years now. I care for her very much but sometimes it can be very difficult to deal with. The testing, healthy eating, and all that stuff that goes into trying to manage he sugar level isn't what is hard, but the way she can change personality-wise during highs and lows. When she is high or low, she can get very angry, defensive, antagonistic, and down right mean, in addition to the common physical issues that come with the sharp changes in her sugar level. She literally just got a pump the other day, so we are hoping that will help her maintain more stable levels and in turn a more stable state of mind.

This is just very hard because I love her very much, and when she gets into one of her extreme mood swings, I know she's not in her right mind and it is the illness talking. But still, it can be hurtful and hard to take when she is being aggressive or mean (this usually comes with the highs), and just as hard when she becomes suddenly saddened and intensely depressed because of it (usually with the lows). In both cases, she often has trouble remembering what happened. With the highs she will usually realize what had happened after I tell her what she did/said. With the lows it's like she blacks out mentally and doesn't remember, even when she doesn't physically lose control of her body.

I have been trying to find information to help me understand the psychological effects more, but am having a hard time finding it. I realize that not everyone who has type 1 goes through as intense mood swings, but I know she's not the only one. Anyway, if anyone has been in a similar situation or knows of any literature on the psychological effects of diabetes, I would greatly appreciate it!

I hope I have made sense in my explanations of the situation, if you want more clarity please ask because I would like to be better able to help and understand her.
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the pump should help. I hope so because if these highs and lows are regular occurrences that is not good for her future outlook. How often is this happening?
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