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Well "Fletch", you seem to be doing pretty well for yourself, but I have to agree with Richard that your diagnosis is a little fuzzy. If you aren't seeing an endocrinologist, it might be a good idea to search out a good one. Type 1.5 is indeed a diagnosis; my own brother-in-law is type 1.5, and some of our forum members are too.

There are tests which show more distinctly where you are in Diabetesville, and you appear to be somewhat outside the boundaries of type 1. It isn't something that you or we get to decide by changing the title of this thread - it needs to be determined by tests for antibodies, etc. Since you're obviously producing fair amounts of endogenous insulin, I would think it in your best interests to find a doc who will actually cooperate with you on pinpointing your diagnosis.

Meanwhile, take care and visit often! :D
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