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Type 2 and long term out of country medical insurance

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Newcomer here and hopefully will have time to look things over in more detail later - for now, I've checked the board but could not find anything related to my current concern. I am Type 2 and on insulin lantus and rapid planning on retiring abroad and I am shopping for long term (expat) health insurance. I doubt that I can find anything which will pay (or help pay) for my meds but I hope to find coverage that I can be comfortable with - something which will allow me to relax rather than worry. In discussions with carriers, they use the term "pre-existing" conditions. That sounds pretty clear when I am asked if I have had heart problems or other obvious conditions. However, because I have recently gone on insulin, they will not cover any pre-existing conditions related to diabetes until a few months have passed.

Has anyone experienced this? I am trying to figure out what they mean. It's pretty obvious that if I have leg problems related to diabetes, they will not provide coverage but I am more interested in what happens if I have a heart attack or stroke - can they somehow link that to diabetes?

I would be grateful if anyone can shed light on this. Thanks for your help.
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Gosh whatnext . . . I'm no expert, and I'm not rich either, but I'd almost be willing to put some money up against them finding SOME way to connect it to your diabetes. Slippery as eels, they are. Of course, that's what all the ruckus has been about down here in the States - getting rid of the pre-existing clauses they all swear by.

Welcome aboard - stay tuned - and I hope there are others here who can give you a better idea of what to expect.

take care,

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