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Type 2 Diabetes Reversed

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It has been months since I've joined the forum and I'm back to update my progress. I've been taking my natural liquid vitamin since October of 2009. By December, I've maintained my BSL and my Doctor told me I no longer needed to take my Metformin. I went for another checkup on April of 2009. My BSL was 95 and the Doctor told me to continue with what I'm doing. The vitamins not only regulated my BSL it also took away my Allergies. I'd wake up in the morning and was always sneezing so I had to take allergy medicine. I no longer take medicine for my allergies and my Asthma is under control. At one time, if I was around someone sick, I'd get sick. This vitamin has raised my immune system where I don't get sick like I used to. It feels good not to have to use my nebuliser all the time. I've seen a difference in my life and just wanted to share it. I hope my experience can let people know that as a type 2 diabetic, changes can be made to improve our health.
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Well Done.

I am T2 for 5 weeks now and my ambition is life is to loose some weight and get off Metformin as well.

Happy and much Healthier!

Hi Davey,
In order for me to get off the prescription drugs, I had to change alot of my bad ways. I had to totally change my lifestyle, but it was well work it. I started drinking alot of water, vegetables, salads, fruits. At one time I ate alot of starchy foods and after I ate, I'd just relax at home. I learned to take a walk after my meals. I cut out sodas, even diet sodas didn't help. I drank only water and natural juices, but it was mostly water. When I ate my salads, I learned to add alot of ingredients that were good for me, but that would make me feel full. I am the kind of person that loves to eat and I refused to deprive myself. The walking changed my life. I'd sit and tell myself, if I don't go take a walk, I'm not working towards better health. Time will pass whether we use it or not. I could either use my time wisely and know I did something to improve my health or I could just let the day go by and time wasted can't be given back. I used my time and everyday worked towards a better healthier life. I accomplished it, it feels good and know that the vitamins I take are what finalized it all. I lost weight but my bsl was still high. The vitamins I took just did it and now 6 months later I still have it under control. If you'd like to know what it is I take, just let me know and I can be their to help you get control of your health. Now my Asthma is under control, my sleep apena was real bad now it's not and my allergies are gone. I am so excited about this, I just want to share it with anyone I can.
Well Do
I am T2 for 5 weeks now and my ambition is life is to loose some weight and get off Metformin as well.

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HCQ, you are doing everything well. Congrats on you success! Keep up the good work.
Hi there, as much as I would love to congratulate you for this acheivement, I would also want to remind you to take precaution. Diabetes is not a reversible condition, so please monitor your condition strictly. Do not go back to your previous diet, the one that led you to Type 2. Take your Hba1c and BGL level regularly, and you'll do good :)
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