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Type 2 since April 2010

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I have been lurking and reading but now need to know a few things.
First some stuff about me.
68 yo F with type 2. FBS was 16.0 when diagnosed. No meds and am following a strict low GI diet regime. Have recently had first A1C - 5.3 (FBS on same day was 5.3) Eyes, feet, kidneys and BP are all fine.

I have slowly become aware that some people are keeping their BS at 1 hour below 8.0 PP - rather that below 8.0 at 2 hours PP to try to get BS to be at more non-diabetic readings. This 'seems' to be a good thing to be able to do - but is it really? Am I hitting my head against the proverbial wall and now going to achieve anything? My aim is to stay within non diabetic guidelines so when (not if!) a cure is finally available I will be in the best possible condition to make the most of it.

I actually haven't seen very many posts anywhere from people who are achieving the same thing and staying healthy for the long term. I've read through most of the info on the blog (notmedicatedyet) that someone posted and found that incredibly interesting. But he (Tom?) seems to be an isolated example.

I have a few diabetic friends who seem quite philosophical about the big D being progressive and that it can't be helped - and just go with the flow etc.
So I would really like to hear about any others out there who have long term success.
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...........Hmmmmmm Bacon!! :) Haven't had any for years!! Might remedy that shortly!.............
Hi Bugs - It's good to meet you!

Grilled bacon and tomatoes is my most regular breakfast these days - sometimes with mushrooms, egg or omlette. When I don't eat that I tend to have yoghurt with berry fruits and a sprinkling of a couple of teaspoons of granola.

I seem to eat fairly similarly to Shanny - and many of my diabetic friends on another UK-based forum tend to eat a high-fat diet exactly like her and are in full control of their diabetic conditions - but like you I'm still a little averse to eating high-fat stuff and I generally buy low-fat items wherever I can. However, I'm less frightened of saturated fat than I was previously.

Unlike Shanny, my testing has shown me that I don't have any problems eating fruit of any kind. In fact, I eat loads of it in small portions and at well spaced out intervals - apples, pears, oranges, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, kiwis, peaches, nectarines - dried fruit also cranberries, prunes, apricots etc. You name it - I eat it! I use fruit as a snack usually - our fridge is always full of the stuff.

Best wishes from England - John
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..............And bacon will be out. Have thought again why I hadn't had any for so long - and it's because the nitrates in processing it are supposed to be no good..................
Hi bugs,

As a diabetic, I'd rather take a chance with the nitrates than with the starchy carbohydrate! I don't know what nitrates will do to me but I do know what starchy carbohydrate does to my blood glucose levels. Also, I know the massive damage that running high blood glucose levels does to our bodies.

Personally, I'm anxious to keep well clear of the very nasty complications that can come a diabetics way.

Best wishes - John
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