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Type 2 since April 2010

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I have been lurking and reading but now need to know a few things.
First some stuff about me.
68 yo F with type 2. FBS was 16.0 when diagnosed. No meds and am following a strict low GI diet regime. Have recently had first A1C - 5.3 (FBS on same day was 5.3) Eyes, feet, kidneys and BP are all fine.

I have slowly become aware that some people are keeping their BS at 1 hour below 8.0 PP - rather that below 8.0 at 2 hours PP to try to get BS to be at more non-diabetic readings. This 'seems' to be a good thing to be able to do - but is it really? Am I hitting my head against the proverbial wall and now going to achieve anything? My aim is to stay within non diabetic guidelines so when (not if!) a cure is finally available I will be in the best possible condition to make the most of it.

I actually haven't seen very many posts anywhere from people who are achieving the same thing and staying healthy for the long term. I've read through most of the info on the blog (notmedicatedyet) that someone posted and found that incredibly interesting. But he (Tom?) seems to be an isolated example.

I have a few diabetic friends who seem quite philosophical about the big D being progressive and that it can't be helped - and just go with the flow etc.
So I would really like to hear about any others out there who have long term success.
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Gee whiz Shanny - and I thought MY diet was restricted!! That's amazing that you can keep such low numbers. I don't think I could follow such a strict regime as that - though if my life depended on it........................??? It's only early days for me I know so I'll see how I go on current numbers for a while.

I forgot to mention that I walk twice a day for 20-30 minutes and also go to a gym twice a week and do resistance training and weights etc. Present BMI is only 20 so don't need to lose any weight.

Diabetes88 - I'm so gald to see that your neuropathy can be reversed. I wasn't sure if that was possible!
I'm still having trouble with the fat part! I've been on a low fat eating plan like forever and even the thought of nuts with good fats has me getting out the food scales and measuring. It's amost a complete reversal of what I've been eating and I'm still having to relearn things. Like I'd always considered beans (dried ones) as a source of protein - which they are - but not thought 2 hoots about the carbs in them! Even serves of meat I've kept fairly low because of the saturated fat:-(
Hmmmmmm Bacon!! :) Haven't had any for years!! Might remedy that shortly!
Edamame isn't widely available here (AU) as far as I know - and I live in a rural area so it may never hit my town. I'll keep a look out for it though - it sounds good from the sites I've seen. Looks like they may be available frozen from Asian specialty food shops.

I have already pruned my pantry of quite a few favourites like simmer sauces that are absolutely LOADED!! Am going back to actually combing my own spices again!
Yeah - my edamame comes frozen & I just microwave it right in the bag for a few minutes. Unfortunately, I can eat the whole bag by myself, but my meter likes it as much as I! heheh! :D
Better and better! That's my kind of cooking too! :D
Thanks for the support Pam! I hope to keep the motivation going - by hook!!!!
I'm having trouble mostly now with breakfst - and I can't get it out of my head that breakfast and cereal are synonomous! I just have to cut down serving size now and I think I will have it sorted. I've definitely swung to having much more fats - unsaturated mostly. I persuaded my GP to let me try without statins for 3 months and see how I make out -so I don't want to change anything too drastically and upset the trial.
And bacon will be out. Have thought again why I hadn't had any for so long - and it's because the nitrates in processing it are supposed to be no good. I must admit I haven't looked to see if there was any nitrate-free bacon around locally.
Cereal is all carbs, yuk!
I do know that - but we are allowed 'some' carbs. It's just the amount that has to be sorted out and balanced with fats and proteins to get it right.
And nitrates/nitrites are present naturally in many fruits/vegetables . . . this from PubMed: Food sources of nitrates and nitrites: the physiol... [Am J Clin Nutr. 2009] - PubMed result

Whole Foods and Trader Joe's both offer nitrate-free bacon.
Thanks for the link Shanny - it's very interesting. But I believe (personal belief) that the natural sources have other natural safeguards to counteract and balance those nitrates. Not so with the nitrates added to meats like bacon, ham and corned beef which is a very unnatural and unbalance use of them.
It's a bit like vitamins. We get a natural balance in fresh foods but taking a (single) vitamin 'pill' put's everything out of whack:(

I'm in Australia - so your source of nitrate free meats isn't much good to me - but I'll check on local sources. I really miss those things - specially corned beef and cabbage! :)
Personally, I'm anxious to keep well clear of the very nasty complications that can come a diabetics way.

Best wishes - John
My sentiments exactly but I don't want to exchange one set of nasties for others:)
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