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I am a type 2 and just got busted by not going to the Dentist for a few years. :(

3-4 my molars will either need a crown or a root canal/crown.

No biggie I have had a few.

1 old crown needs to re-done and I have 2 options.

1. Get a root canal/crown , but he would need to do minor gumer surgery to get all the decay.
2. Pull the tooth and put in an implant - This is $$$$$$$
**Not planning on doing this **

Here is my question:

As a T2 , do I consider Dentures ? I am in my mid-forties and my front half of mouth teeth are fine.

My molars (up/down) are not. Silver fillings that lead to crown and/or toot canals.

I am embarrassed to think about it to get Dentures.

I have read Dentures are bad for diabetics ...

IS this true ?


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