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Hi People
Im relatively new to Type 2 diabetes sort of a year or so, my G.P. diagnosed this after some routine blood tests which also gave me high cholesterol and slightly high blood pressure, up until this time I though myself to be reasonably fit LOL. I am overweight and to be perfectly honest I did not take a great deal of notice of my diabetes (more fool me). I have recently changed doctor, and I have started to become more educated towards diabetes and its effects. Now I am taking things very seriously. I have bought a bicyle and go riding every day that it is possible and belong to an excercise group. One of my main downfalls was eating too much bread (for diabetics anyway abt 4 slices a day), I have cut this down to 1 or 2 pieces a day and only eat a traditonal cooked breakfast once a week as a treat. I have never had a sweet tooth luckily so cakes etc. are not a problem. I have always been a relatively healthy eater, try not to eat very much processed food and fast food takeaways. I cook 90% of our meals from scratch using fresh veg and small portions of meat, fish etc and again have red meat once in a while as a treat. I do like to partake of a few beers, but again I have cut down a lot, and now trying to keep away from beer as much as possible drinking gin and low cal tonic but trying to keep to the guidlines, have the odd slip up now and again family parties etc. Generally I think I have come to terms with this horrible condition and feel fairly optomistic for the future. I hope that sharing on this site will keep people motivated.
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