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For some odd reason my BG starting rising up a little in June. I thought maybe it was the heat and backing down on the exercise a bit.

I had some health issues arise in mid July, that I am still working with the doctors on figuring out. Oddly though, my BG returned back down to normal over the last month. I was afraid I would see an A1C of over 6, due to the higher numbers, lows in the 95-100 range and highs up to the 120-135 range, I had been seeing.

Well, my BG came back down to 77-84 lows and 95-105 average highs, with a slight adjustment in diet. I thought I was unconsciously adding a few too many carbs. It seems more that my ability to deal with the same amount had decreased slightly for some unknown reason.

My A1C has come up, but as of today it was 5.5, up from 5.3 in the spring. I guess I should lighten up, but I am too OCD about controlling it. Still no meds, controlling with diet and exercise.

Now if they can figure my problems with autonomic neuropathy, which I have been told is NOT related to my type II, as it came on while I was in excellent control. Numbness, pain in the neck head and middle back, weakness, hot flashes and dizziness. Not fun at all. I have been dealing with this for a month and have had a MRA, MRI, CT SCAN, EEG, NCS, lots of blood work and I am waiting to see a cardiologist for a tilt table and monitor. I know this has nothing to do with my A1C, but it feels good to vent.:)
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