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I have been experimenting with cinnamon for several months now, after getting approval from my endo. At first I took 500mg with my first two meals, then I started taking it right before, as I noticed it worked better if it got into my system faster.

I eventually settled on taking it 5-10 minutes ahead of the meal, and letting the capsule disolve in my mouth. This might be too much for some, but it no longer bothers me at all. I am taking a 500mg capsule prior to lunch, which is my first meal, as I get to bed late with my schedule. I then usually take 500mg 5-10 minutes before supper and then 500 mg about 5-10 minutes after supper, which is usually my largest meal of the day, at around 6-7 pm.

I eat a small meal before bed, which rarely contains very many carbs, unless my BG is low, and I do not take any cinnamon then. This pattern seems to work well for me.

On very rare occasion my after lunch may be elevated, for me, at 120-125. I will then take another 500 mg capsule, which usually brings it down pretty quickly, to the 100-107 range.

I try not to exceed 4 500 mg capsules in a 24 hour period, and average 3.

Doing this, I have been averaging between in the 80's to 90's from high's to lows, with the lowest being 64 and the highest being 126. I check my BG before and 1-2 hours after eating, recently leaning closer to 1 hour, especially before bed.

I have discussed my results with the doctor, but they can't officially say it works, but they do tell me that a LOT of their patients have similar experiences, and tell me to keep it up if it does.

I should add that I also control my BG with diet and exercise which is obviously important, and I am very careful about the diet. I run 5 days a week on average, 6 miles a day with a longer run on occasion. I also do push ups, sit ups and small weight work outs.

I do have to take a couple of days off on occasion and have gone as many as 3 with very little difference in control really, as long as I am careful. My A1C was 5.3 at last check, hoping for a 4.5 -4.8 this month as control has been better.

My father recently started taking cinnamon before meals, but told me he hasn't noticed a perceivable difference yet. He is type II and takes januvia and glypizide (spelling). His BG is oddly high in the am and goes down all day, with the lowest being at bedtime, probably from the meds.

If anyone has else has experience, please share it here.
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