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University study points to metformin benefits against COVID-19

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The University of Minnesota soon will join other research schools in publishing a study indicating that there was a significant reduction in emergency room visits, hospitalization, and death when people started taking metformin within a few days of being diagnosed COVID-19 positive.

University of Minnesota COVID-19 study finds benefit from metformin, not ivermectin

The participants in the study were chosen to be overweight (thus considered at higher risk for more severe effects of COVID-19) but apparently were not chosen as diabetics, and it is not clear to me from what I could read of the study how many of the participants (if any) were diabetic. A similar study now seeking volunteers (NIH's ACTIV-6) does not specify that volunteers be overweight or diabetic. Since many of us take metformin, however, I thought it was an interesting finding.
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I have heard many unconventional ways to treat Covid. Of course, I trust only the treatment option recognized by the World Health Organization. I studied at the diagnostic medical sonography university. A lot of conferences were often held about the disease that changed the life of the whole humanity. I know that specialists in the health care system from that university have never considered metformin as a cure for Covid. I am very happy that I graduated from medical school and that I can help people stay healthy. You have to love medicine to become a professional in this field.
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Oh well, it's good to know I will be safe - - said with a smile on my face!!
2000mg a day so I should be immune to Covid, right?


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