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Well I will start with the worse news and move to the better news... But I guess knowing I am 1 day Post Op makes the a little more understanding.

I got home from the Hospital at around 12:30 and as hard as I wanted to try I did not feel it was safe for me to drive soI waited till My Wife got home (Guess i will say that she does not come to this forum because it is my escape place... she thinks it should count as my man zone but, she is not getting my basement... But I still Love her)... anyway back to the story. She got home around 6 and I said I did not feel safe so she got in her car and drove me to CVS... When they said it would be 20-30 minutes i said OK and told her I wanted to go see Mrs Sweeney... She is the Elderly woman I took care of that I told you all about in Non-Diabetic issue. When I got there the entire family was there and her daughter Bonnie met me at the door and realized I was moving slowly because of the surgery and they gave me a seat next to the bed to hold Mrs Sweeneys hand and I said a prayer and asked God to take her Soul that she has dedicated to him. I spoke to the Hospice nurse and well lets just say Nurses are not my favorite thing today. I wanted to leave but, I knew what was coming... about 30 minutes passed and I went and gathered everyone and told them she was ready to go that at this time God was reaching out his hand through the light and it is good that she has the people that Love her here while going to the people that Love her there. Bonnie, her only daughter said are you sure Will?, and I said Bonnie I have done many deaths in my life some tragic some happy she is about to go and I think you all need to say good bye. about 2 minutes went by and Mr Sweeney opened his Eyes in the other bed and I said that she has just passed... The Hospice nurse said "How you know that? Only the Nurse can say it?" and I said No, Mr Sweeney just told me. I went to this man and rubbed his shoulder and said that Mrs Sweeney has moved on to her place with God and that she is young and Beautiful again and will be there but she was not in a hurry for him to come because she needed a break from him... He said She is a wonderful wife! but then slipped off in a state of Dimensia. I waited for a while and then said i had to go because I did not have any meds and really was not supposed to drive that far. She hugged me and said that you for knowing all of the signs to look for and most of all for going above and beyond what the hospice nurse saw or did. So in the end she Lived 98 years and I would say she had an exciting life where she struggled and lived through a civil war in Finland and meet the man of her Dreams and she will be missed. So what I ask of all of you is to get up from this computer for a minute walk over to the man or woman that you Love give them a Kiss and tell them you love them. If you do not have a special person call or send them a note just saying thank you for caring and let them know your life is better just knowing them. Rest In Peace Mrs Sweeney I will miss you.

Now onto my Surgery update... I got out of Surgery and I was having right Leg Weakness and severe Right leg Spasms the were causing more pain (keep in mind the left was my bad leg). I told the Nurse that was in recovery that I did not feel comfortable going home and apparently I was telling them of a lot of things that were going on that they were not catching while under anesthesia. They agreed that I knew my Body very well and agreed for me to stay... then I had the Nurse from hell and the very important talk with the Dietitian. Will it change anything... I don't know but he did say he will have a low carb clear liquid diet set for presentation and approval next week and would like me to come talk to them about it if I can. In case you have not figured it out i am a talker. I also educated 5 students who were scared to have me as a patient that they missed a great learning experience both on Diabetes and the best 2 things a Nurse can ever learn 1- the most important part to there job and the hardest part is dealing with the patient... not bedside manners but dealing with the patient whether they are theirs or someone else. We then walked around the ward and out of the 7 people we saw 6 already knew me... even the guy cleaning the trash can said Hi Will. Guess I was gifted at number 1 and number 2- Learning the words "I don't know but I will find out... and WRITE DOWN what the question was... I showed this to my student today during a walk I asked her a question and she looked confused and i said "Learning experience told her what to say and to write it down... 30 minutes later sshe came back and I said did you find out and she said No and went and found out. I told her that I use to carry a note pad and I would write down the questions and some days I would need to go back to 4-7 people with the answers to questions, but I never went home till they were all answered. I use my Blackberry now to jot down questions to look up... My wife said I am a bundle of useless facts. I educated them on the feelings I had when being Diagnosed and I shared the Experience I had that cost me my back. All and all I feel i helped 6 students to be on their way to being better nurses. I got discharged and was leaving and about 10 people came to say good bye and even the food service girl came and gave me a hug. When I got home I laid down till the wife got home. I did not get my Dilauded so I took 2 Percocets (I usually take 4-6) and my pain is greatly reduced. My plan tomorrow is to get up and go for a walk after breakfast and then go visit Mr Sweeney. I hope you all have a great day... Thanks for helping me during this new experience of the Big D... Sorry if my post are sometimes long, but I will try to keep them shorter... Oh Joing the gym tomorrow and they are giving me an extra 6 months because i am not allowed to work out yet !
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