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Urine Smells

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I have had type 2 for almost a decade and have been on lantus 18 units and Gliciphage 2 mg a day since the beginning of this year. I had a routine unrine test done and everything was normal except for ' traces of sugar' . My urine has been smelling pretty bad for a couple of weeks and I am wondering why ? Could this smell be diabetes induced ? My HBA1C hovers around 7'5-8.
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There are many things that could make your urine smell unusual. If it is a sweet smell like fermenting fruit then it can definitely be caused by a high sugar level in the urine. If that is the kind of smell you are experiencing then you might buy a meter for testing sugar in your blood. Walmart sells the Relion meter for about $10 and a box of 50 strips for a little over $20. Test your blood in the morning before you eat anything. If the result is more than 7.0 then you should see a doctor and be tested for diabetes.
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