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Vegas nutrition

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I come from Europe. One year ago I recovered from acute pancreatitis. I figured out my diets (made of fresh fruits, cooked vegetables, nothing grilled or fried and mostly with no spices) and I'm feeling completely alright since. But now I'm about to visit USA-Vegas and I am desperate to find enough info on dining-options, facilities, grocery stores, shopping possibilities, appropriate foodstuffs which I all had to figure out back home. Also I would appreciate any info regarding favorable inexpensive hotels in Vegas as well as Europe-USA flight specifics(veggie meal/food&baggage).
Thank you in advance.
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Hey There Tim! Welcome! :)

Well, I'm Glad to hear that you were successful in recovering from
your ailment. Good for you.

As far as I know, this is a Forum about Diabetes, not a Travel Agency.
That's 3 sites over. ;)

I'm in Canada and haven't been in the states for some time but
hopefully someone on here can help you out.

Until then, perhaps you will be able to get a few tips from these sites.

The first one has forums that you can log in to and ask People questions
who live there or have been there. I believe it is free. Have a Great stay. ;)

Las Vegas Travel Guide - Las Vegas Vacations -

Las Vegas - Official Las Vegas Tourism Web Site

Las Vegas Vegetarian Restaurants - Reviews of Vegetarian Restaurants in Las Vegas
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Well i went to vegas last month, here's a recommendation for you, go for the buffet, in circus circus hotel you'll find a good alternative, also on Sahara hotel, you'll find steamed vegetables, fruits, grilled chicken, eggs and stuff. You'll want to avoid the pizza, pastas and other things the offer, there's also a suger free desserts, not whole wheat though. I'm sure in the buffets you'll find things you can safely eat, just remember to keep your cabs count, and not over eat (people tend to do that in buffets). I tried to look out for some stores that can provide me with special meals, but i had no success, so if you do, pls let me know as i'm going in 2 months.

Take care and let us know how it worked out for you.
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