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I have been having some higher than normal readings and I think I have found the problem. This morning I woke up at 7:30AM and tested my blood sugar earlier than usual because yesterday, all my readings were higher than my personal target ranges. I tested at 120 at 7:30AM this is about 30-40 points higher than my normal fasting reading. So, I took a correction bolus of 3 units to bring down my blood sugar, it should have brought my reading down by 30 points. I went back to bed. At 10:30AM I woke up and tested and I was at 126. My reading did not go down and it went up. My last meal was yesterday at 7:30PM and my bedtime reading was higher than normal. I always milk the vial of insulin and was down to about 20 units and it had lost most of its potency. I use more than 1 vial of Novolog per month so I know that it should have been good for several more days. I am hoping that using a new vial of Novolog will solve the problem, because it is not like me to have fasting readings in the 110-120's and bedtime readings in the 100's. I have been concerned about my readings for the last several days.
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