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vitamin c/ascorbic acid elevating glucose results

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i dont have diabetes, but am concerned because my fasting blood sugar test was 109.

i take 3 1/2 grams of vitamin C per day. at that dosage, it is reported that blood sugar results are elevated.

try a google search with ascorbic acid megadose diabetes

certainly, some vitamin C would benefit those with diabetes. I have read some researches recommending vitamin C intake upwards of 5 grams per day.

how concerned should i be? any other comments?
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Welcome, dd2by2 . . . what other readings have you had besides the one fasting BG of 109? Do you have a meter of your own or was this finding from a lab? How recent is this reading? I think you prob'ly need more to go on than just this one sample.

Since I don't take vitamins, I'm not very familiar with what is a normal dose of any of them.
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