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Just a heads up. I was at Walgreens yesterday and was looking over their meters. They had a nice looking Walgreens brand meter for $17.99 with a $17.99 it's free in the end. I was also surprized the meter only required 0.3 µL of blood like my ReliOn. The strips were about $25 for 50.....close the ReliOn price too.

Does anyone have one of these meters?
I don't this meter, I use the Bayer Contour. I did want to mention that MY Walgreens (and maybe yours, too) is selling the Bayer Contour USB with 25 strips for only $9.99. I bought one a couple of months ago and when I ran out of strips and my insurance wouldn't cover me yet, I bought another one (the strips alone for 25 would have been over $30.00).
If you have been contemplating a USB meter, might be one to check out!
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