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We have a uniqui gift to give, only we have it to give.

I spent some time at a kennel where they train DADs. The Wildrose Kennel, Oxford, MS.
Their very compedent trainers can train the dogs for behavior and obedience, even to be a service dog, without our help.

However, when it is time to train them to alert, they must have a diabetic there (I volunteer) or you can, when you are low, put some saliva on a cotton ball, in an air tight container, and put it in the freezer. Then find a kennel that needs it, volunteer or arrange to get it to that kennel.

These dogs save lives everyday. They are so expensive because they take time to train, one dog at a time.
Find a kennel near you and help out.
Give the gift of life, by hehlping to train these dogs.
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