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I started Byetta 6 days ago, I am doing 5mcg for 2 weeks then up to 10 mcg.
My sugars are between 88-130 which is great, thinking my A1C will be under 6 if this continues.
It does make me have nausea and I am eating 1/4 of what I originaly eat, so usually just a couple of bites. I am losing about a pound a day. I don't feel like eating due to the nausea but, have a nice lunch.

I am wondering how long will the weightloss continue. I need to lose 130 pounds. clothes wise i cannot tell a difference, but hope to soon. Mostly I am excited that my numbers are so good.

I have been using Byetta 10 mcg before breakfast and dinner for about 8 years. The nausea will subside after awhile, but will come back now and then. I keep chewable antacids for those times, and they work in seconds. The weight loss for me has been about 5 lbs. per month, but that stops if you take insulin.
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