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I'm not super familiar with weight watchers but the points are based more on calories, not carbs. As a diabetic you need to watch carbs to keep bgs low as well as lose weight. I would go online and investigate it a little. I know a lot of there products are much higher carb than I could eat and stay under 110.
I agree with this.

The Weight Watchers point system allows you so many points in a day. I know somebody that regularly starves themselves some days so they can gorge on a big dinner and dessert later in the day.

This isn't particularly healthy for diabetics. It's best if we eat regularly, and it's also best if we eat low-carb. Though calories have their place, it's just as important WHAT we eat, as it is how much.

Some people are under the impression they can eat whatever they want as long as they adhere to the points allotted, which isn't healthy thinking or eating.

Also, weight watchers seems to put little emphasis on exercise - most of their emphasis is on eating. Exercise is vitally important to ANY weight loss program. I'm pretty sure you now get 'activity points' for exercise, but it doesn't seem to be the focus of their meetings or their literature. Maybe it's because they sell food? (If you call that frozen, processed stuff... "food"...)

One thing weight watchers is good for is teaching "portion control", so if you have any issues with that, it might not be a bad thing to help you get at least some of the tools you need.

Also, there are people that seem to NEED that extra motivation that weekly meetings/weigh-in's gives them. I personally don't understand that, but I know that is something some people need. For me, I get all my validation internally... All I have to do is look how my pants fit vs. how they used to...

Certainly the Weight Watchers program, if followed as they recommend (rather than with the "I can eat anything!" approach) can help you lose weight. But it's expensive for some, and it's nothing you can't do on your own. (And for diabetics, it doesn't really stress the importance of low-carb... in fact, their current formula allows for more fiber than fat to be eaten, which doesn't work in our favor)
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