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Weird Case Here.... lol

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Hello everybody! I'm a 47-year old male, (6'5", about 240lbs). I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes about seven months ago. As happens with many 'new' Type II diabetics, I went through a miserable period of extreme thirst and feeling horrible, and it gradually got worse over a period of a few weeks. Not realizing what was wrong with me, I was literally guzzling very large quantities of well-water plus entire two-liter sodas, (not diet sodas!!), to the tune of 6-8 liters per day.When I first went to the ER, my blood sugar was around 850.

My trip to the local ER confirmed that I was now a Type II diabetic, and I was referred to my regular doctor's office for ongoing treatment. My doctor started me off on Lantus @ 20 units/day, plus metformin @ 1000mg x 2/day, with the understanding that this would probably need to be adjusted as needed, of course, as we observed what effect those meds and dosages would have over a period of time.

I'm going to be very honest here. I've made no changes to my diet OR lifestyle whatsoever, other than cutting out all sugary drinks by switching to diet soda and sucralose sweetener for iced tea. That's all I've changed. I still eat all of the bread, pasta and potatoes I want - and I'm a major carb-junkie.

Within two months, I was off insulin entirely. Within the next four or five months, I was able to incrementally come off of the metformin entirely. I'm now taking nothing whatsoever for diabetes. Nothing. :eek: I never increased my "normal" exercise either, by the way.. and my normal exercise isn't that much. My wife is a longtime Type II diabetic, and she is fuming about it LOL... but she's also 'cautiously ecstatic' for me.

I'm now having a full blood work-up done once per month, because my doctor has no clue how this has happened. My A1C is now down around 5.9, from a high of around 9.5.

Everyone that I've told about this has looked at me like I'm either insane, or a bald-faced liar, (or both) - but it is absolutely the truth. So, I'm not being a smart-butt here, but, before anyone asks - I'm not exaggerating or embellishing anything.

How in the heck can this be possible? I've never had any symptoms of pancreatitis.... nothing. And my blood work has consistently been totally normal, other than a bit of elevated cholesterol, (which was already there well before the diabetes anyway, and which has been improving nicely with medication).

Does anyone out there have any idea what could have caused this to happen in this way? My doctor is as puzzled as I am about this. I'm extremely grateful for the drastic improvement. I thank God every day multiple times for it. I certainly don't want to look a gift-horse in the mouth.. but good GRIEF!! Not knowing 'why' I've improved so much is driving me crazy!

Anyone? :confused:
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I can give you the theory behind it: you had insufficient insulin to process the amount of sugar you were consuming, or you had enough insulin resistance, that you could not. As your blood glucose levels rose, your beta cells (which produce insulin) were poisoned and shut down.

However, enough of those cells survived that, once you cut off the massive sugar consumption, they came back online and started producing insulin again.

I had a similar experience, but had to cut out a lot more carbs than that. I got my A1c all the way down from 12.5 to 5.6 by watching my diet and exercising.

You have now had the experience of discovering a metabolic insufficiency -- whether it is underproduction of insulin, or inability to use glucose. Looks like you are going to have keep monitoring, and counting carbs!
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