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I tested my Blood Sugar 3 times in a row. 1st result was 271! I was very surprised so I tested again. 2nd result was 154. I was surprised again by the difference of the 1st and second result so I tested it again. 3rd result was 107! WTF is wrong!?

I wasn't contented so I tested i again for the 4th time. 129.

This sucks. You might know what's wrong here? I don't want to believe that my glucometer is broken since I do nothing for it to get broken. I take care of it. It has been with me since the past 2 years (more or less). I have calibrated it and the LOT number in the calibrator is same as the number in the blood strips.

I tested since I want to know the effect of this certain type of biscuit to my glucose levels (wheat and oat crackers).

Please help me, I am really lost here.
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