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Back in the last week of June I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I was admitted to the ER with a glucose level of 586. After blood test it was confirmed my A1C was 16.9% (highest my doc had ever seen).

Well I want to give people a light of hope. After just making some simple decisions on food (no fries, no regular sodas, switch stuff to fiber and low carb), walking a mile about 4 to 5 times a week, taking my medication (metformin and gliburide combo pill) here are some statistics I would like to put out there:

Past 7 Days: Avg Level 113
Past 14 Days: Avg Level 114
Past 21 Days: Avg Level 139

I have a found a new buddy in the form of my Ipod Touch. Using the WaveSense Diabetic Manager, I just type in all my readings and keep them there. I have gain a ton of compliments from physicians saying they have never seen levels drop and stay down so fast. Some blame it on body chemistry, others luck, but really its discipline and determination.

I will admit the acceptance of the diagnosis was hard for me the first few days, and I just stayed in my house trying to cope. But now, this has forced me to watch what I eat, have healthier habits, and now when I watch people guzzle down Cokes or eat a large order of fries, I just wonder how people say "ignorance is bliss", well its not, and knowing what I have now, has caused me to become a healthier person.
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