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What are the B.S levels for a diabetic

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MY FB using runany where from 125-291 range before meals am a type 2 diabetic and take mediform 2x aday 1000mg and levermir at night 40 units
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maybe just review the amount of carbs you eat... there should be at least one low GI choice with every meal & snack especially if you're on insulin. It's 1-2 exchanges for snacks (15g is 1 exchange) and 2-4 exchanges for main meals... maybe try the lower exchange first and see if you notice any improvement with your BGLs throughout the day. The other option is to discuss your med dosages, including insulin with your doctor as it may need adjusting.
There's no real need to include carbs in snacks or meals just because you use insulin. In fact, smaller carb loads lead to less insulin use. By carb counting instead of using the exchange concept, you match your insulin use to what you're eating - you make your meds match your lifestyle instead of the other way around. I find that my own blood sugar is best managed by eating under 20 grams of carb with meals; I concentrate on protein and fat. Do I still have lots of carbs sometimes? Yes - the Holiday gods will attest to that! But in general I choose non-starchy carbs, avoid most fruits and grains, and enjoy big salads and things like butternut or spaghetti squash or cauli-rice regularly.

Hi mep - you are not kidding! Diabetes is definitely not a one size fits all condition and it takes a willingness to be your own lab rat to find the right path. I do eat carbs, just not too many. But....I'd trade the huge quantity of, say, broccoli that I can eat instead of the tiny morsel of potato that my body can tolerate any day. (Especially with some cheese melted on top!)

What's the soup diet? I love soup, but yikes! I couldn't do it every day....that would make me feel deprived and craving all the goodies I was missing! (OK - maybe matzoh ball soup would work........LOL)

1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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