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What are you doing? (while stuck at home)

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Many are stuck at home for what looks like several more weeks.
If you are one of them, what are you doing to keep yourself occupied.

Of course, there's long-neglected housework and closet cleaning that probably should be done while one has the opportunity and time. Not fun, but passes the time.

I do a lot of paper crafts and am so glad for it because it's interesting and doesn't require being with a group of people. With all the supplies I already have here at the house, I could keep busy for quite a long time. I belong to an online group that exchanges what are called Art Trading Cards (ATCs) which are mailed back and forth. Talk about social distancing! :vs_laugh:

Looking forward to a bit warmer and dryer weather and I'll be outside doing something in the yard.
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I've been working from home and saving a ton of money on gas. As I don't have to commute to work I've also been getting an extra hour of sleep each night and living in the country - lots of places to walk in isolation. Also I live on the Island so the Government is monitoring all travel coming in and placing them on a 14 day quarantine so our numbers have been pretty good so far - 22 positive cases - all travelers - no hosptalizations and so far no community transmission. Sure hope those numbers stay that way but time will tell.
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