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What are you doing? (while stuck at home)

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Many are stuck at home for what looks like several more weeks.
If you are one of them, what are you doing to keep yourself occupied.

Of course, there's long-neglected housework and closet cleaning that probably should be done while one has the opportunity and time. Not fun, but passes the time.

I do a lot of paper crafts and am so glad for it because it's interesting and doesn't require being with a group of people. With all the supplies I already have here at the house, I could keep busy for quite a long time. I belong to an online group that exchanges what are called Art Trading Cards (ATCs) which are mailed back and forth. Talk about social distancing! :vs_laugh:

Looking forward to a bit warmer and dryer weather and I'll be outside doing something in the yard.
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I'm puttering. Before the Stay at Home order, I was already self-isolating because of health issues so got a couple weeks jump on everyone else. The screen door slider to a patio locked in place and I had to cut the screen to get out there. So my last outing was to get some preparatory goods and food, and screening and a tool for the job.

Yes, I know this is a simple task for most people, but it's a bit daunting for me (mobility issues among others). But - I want that screen in and that's a powerful motivator. Will be a project for ... tomorrow. Or the day after. Definitely for when the days are warmer.

Was in the midst of organizing and purging before self-imposed lockdown and am continuing with that though with a smidge less vigor. Am sure I'll get a second wind but the SUV is loaded with donations and no place to drop them off.
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I'm in a small city, we are allowed 6 combined rabbits or chickens. The person from the city I talked to yesterday said they wouldn't be around to check unless someone complained. Then I would have a month to remove excess animals.
A friend of mine bought a hou$e in a really upscale community. Million$ expen$ive. They had in the association rules no farm animals and a limitation on number of household pets. Well, she had a beloved potbelly pig named Porke (accent on the e, pronounced like a long a). She refused to get rid of Porke and also refused to listen that perhaps it wasn't the property to buy then.

She snuck Porke in when she moved and it was years of hiding her. She managed to pull it off with only those she became close friends with there who knew, and they didn't tell. Hated to think what would happen had she had a falling out with one of them!
It drove fine all weekend, I was off work on Monday and didn't drive it, yesterday the car wouldn't start again.
How frustrating! Here's hoping it's an easy/quick fix and you'll have no more issues.
Great job! A delightful color explosion!

I can recommend folks click on the pic to see it upright. At first I was confused because it looked like an unusual window slider on the side of a house, not door. Being an occasional dufus, I stared at it trying to work it out then wanted to see it larger. Bingo! Right side up! :)

Well-done @diabetes86 !
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