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Question folks, i'm kinda having a bit of a nervous attack so I might find this answer myself with some direction later today, but for now just need to spit out something to see whats there...

I used to be on a Paradigm 522 from Medtronic and it helped me keep my A1C's around a good 5.5-6.5 for a few years. I'm off it now, the scarring and having something tied to be finally got to me.

Of course i'm regretting it after only a few months. i'm having some odd side effects to this new regimen, so I think i will be talking to my doc about getting back on the pump soon.

I used to use Humalog, but I got a letter from my horribad insurance that says Humalog is going to cost me more and they suggest i go onto Novolog which is 'just as good'.

Do pumps work with whatever type of insulin, and you just have to adjust your basal rate and bolus settings according to how you react to whatever insulin you take? Pumps are set for specific types of insulin, i'd imagine they just dispense whatever is in the reservoir, even if it was only water, correct?
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