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what causes diabetes?

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Hell my name is John and I was wondering what causes diabetes? I am not a diabetic as far as I know but the more and more I hear about it on TV the more and more I worry. I was told by a friend of mine who is a diabetic that it was because he was overweight. I have another friend and she tells me it was because she ate a lot of bad foods. My worry is that I don’t eat right, although I am within my weight range based on my height. If I ever start to touch up on the 160lbs mark I go into a diet real fast and knock it out. I’m just worried because it seems to be affecting more and more people.

So what causes diabetes?

Thank you
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Hey John, I'm a Type 1 of just over 2 yrs and i'm 30.

If you don't have diabetes then i would say your best bet is to eat healthy, like everyone should, take exersize, like everyone should and not stress about what COULD happen, because it may never.

I came across this little video about what happen when someone is diabetic, you may want to have a look. I can't post the link as i'm new on the site

but go to youtube and type in the search.
Animation about diabetes and the body
its the first one, looks like a body animation.

As far as what causes Type 2, yes eating bad, not taking any exersize can be a trigger but it also may not, in Type 1's it just happens, your immune system just turns on itself. Its like the pick of the draw, its will happen or it won't. But if you keep as healthy as you can then there is like likelyhood it won't ever happen to you.

If there is a family member with Type 2, i think theres a 14% chance you MIGHT get it, but if you're healthy then it will be lower, if at all, and less if there is someone with Type 1

In the mean time, don't be scare mungered by anyone. Your cool!

Kt x
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Hi there!

it is good that you are aware of diabetes, but don't let it rule your life. Enjoy your life, eat healthy, exercise and love yourself. Honor your body, you only have one, so take care of it.

There are many studies that say a virus can initiate diabetes in those prone to diabetes and the same could be said for inactivity, poor diet, and lack of exercise.

I believe the truth is that no one can really say for sure 100% of the time what causes diabetes.

P.S. There is a definite genetic link though.
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