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What diabetic-friendly food are you bringing to Thanksgiving this year?

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We volunteered to bring vegetable side dishes to Thanksgiving this year. It could be an opportunity to go all out and try some stuff that's "on the edge" -- but that's not how these guests operate. :plain: So I'm playing it safe and low-carb by bringing a cabbage slaw with apples and onions (a little tart crunch among the many other rich foods; I'll put the apple pieces aside) and broccoli in a cheese sauce (no flour).

What are other folks bringing which is low-carb/keto-friendly?
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I really like Indian food, but so many dishes contain seem to contain beans or potatoes or flour that I haven't gone to an Indian restaurant to see what there is that might fit a LC eating plan (same for "red sauce joints" Italian restaurants; so much pasta!). Etherea, I'd love to hear what you end up choosing. I hope you enjoy the visit.
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Maybe Cracker Barrel next year.
Yeah, I gathered from watching "This Is Us" last night that Cracker Barrel and Popeye's can pretty much supply Thanksgiving. lol

Seriously, we've done Thanksgiving dinner at restaurants and take-away in years past. I do like not having to spend hours in prep and cleanup but I do prefer the menu control of eating home (or potluck). For just a couple or three people, though, restaurants ftw.
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So to report on Thanksgiving:

The cabbage/onion/apple slaw was tasty but it wasn't what I wanted. It was difficult to pick out the apple and onion to keep it more keto and (read the directions next time, Steve) the cabbage was supposed to be cooked enough to wilt. Not the raw crunch and tartness I wanted. Delete that recipe -- or just make my own version of it.

The broccoli in cheese sauce, however, was a hit with everyone. Amazing what a cheese sauce made of real cheese and heavy whipping cream can do for broccoli. The recipe (from a fancy New York City restaurant) called for garnishing the dish with crushed-up orange cheese puffs. I put those on the side figuring I'd never get them out of my portion; next time I'll just remove my portion early and decorate decorate decorate. The cheese puff bits apparently were the gateway for everyone else to try it. They liked it. Keeper.

I successfully navigated past the mashed potatoes, the dressing, the green bean/carrot casserole, the dinner rolls, and all the pies. Probably too much turkey (and no skin for fat). I had one bite of the pumpkin pie on recommendation. It was good but it's amazing how sweet some foods seem after you haven't eaten sweet items for a while... My BG the next morning? In my normal range. I'm happy.
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