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What diabetic-friendly food are you bringing to Thanksgiving this year?

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We volunteered to bring vegetable side dishes to Thanksgiving this year. It could be an opportunity to go all out and try some stuff that's "on the edge" -- but that's not how these guests operate. :plain: So I'm playing it safe and low-carb by bringing a cabbage slaw with apples and onions (a little tart crunch among the many other rich foods; I'll put the apple pieces aside) and broccoli in a cheese sauce (no flour).

What are other folks bringing which is low-carb/keto-friendly?
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We are doing Thanksgiving at our house. For me, BH is making cali mashed potatoes and trying a low carb key lime pie for dessert. I'll eat on the dark meat of the turkey and if nobody brings a green veggie, I'll steam up some broccoli to dip in butter.

Maybe Cracker Barrel next year.
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