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What is diabetes like??

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I was wondering what diabetes was like, and how it affects your lifestyle. I'm not diabetic, but diabetes does run in my family. I wanted to learn all about it, incase I end up getting it, so if/when I do, I will automatically know what I'm supposed to do. Any help?
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Hello Jess, I have been a Diabetic for 38 Years and I would love to run and just get tired instead of getting a low. A low is what most of us fear and you feel lifeless weak and annoyed. We have to look at a balance between food and insulin and use that with exercise so that you remain thin or a reasonable shape. You will also get told that you cannot eat that! as we can eat it and manage it.

In all it suck!!!​
Jess, there is much information here on this site in the different forums. You can learn a lot from reading the forums here. Using Google and doing research tells you much more. If yoy have any specific questions please feel free to ask.

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