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what is making me shake?

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I went out to eat last night and ate about 1/4c of hummus, 2T of roasted grits, and a cup of corn crab soup, 1 slice of pork and about 10 sugar snap peas. 3 hrs later I checked bs and measured 120 so I ate about 4T of the leftover hummus and about 8 chips. I went to sleep and woke up about 3 hrs later and was shaking like I was crashing --measured again and was at 225! Could I have had that long of a delay from dinner (8pm) and what would have caused it from what I ate? I've never shaken when I went up before. What are you supposed to do when you spike like this? I drank a glass of water and went back to bed. But it was scarry since I'm a single person and didn't know if I was in trouble or what I should do-
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I would blame the chips first - even though you ate very few of them. Corn chips, potato chips, tortilla chips - all of 'em have the potential to spike us.

And while it seems like your meal was fairly low-carb, there's no way of knowing how the restaurant prepared their hummus, or the soup or even the pork, for that matter. There could've been starchy thickeners used in the soup, a sugary seasoning rub used on the pork roast, or carby additives to the hummus. If the meal had anything to do with your spike, it might have been because the pork is a richer fattier meat, or there's oil in the hummus, or some butter in the soup, because fats will slow down the absorption of the carbs.

For people who don't take insulin, the problem with getting spiked like this is that there's no quick way to get back down - we just have to wait it out. One very good reason to find out which foods spike us and then avoid those. I think you did everything you could do by drinking some water & trying to get back to sleep. The 225 is high, but it isn't dangerous. What was your wake-up reading this morning?
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