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WHAT PAINKILLERS to take while you have Covid?

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WHAT PAINKILLERS to take while you have Covid?

Can someone take what a diabetic is allowed to take while having covid?

what painkillers, what pills, what medications to reduce temperature

The answer to this question seems to be a mystery, there is lots of contradicting online contradictions, medicine companies tell you to contact the doctors, most of doctors never read leaflets, tell you to contact info line, infoline does not tell you anything and tell you to ask doctors etc

please share your experience and advice thanks
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My consensus (based on what I was able to read before and after getting the coronavirus vaccine and noting that I'm not a doctor and did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night) was that it was best to avoid any painkillers just before and after getting the shot (or shots). Something to do with possibly reducing how efficient the dose would be. Though I did not read specifically about aspirin or naproxyn sodium (Aleve and other brands), avoiding painkillers seemed to be the recommendation for what I read. So I avoided them. My pain levels I had were low enough I could go without anything for a day or so.

I asked the nurse who administered my second shot if aspirin was okay because I hadn't seen it named specifically; she seemed surprised people still took aspirin. Shortly after that visit I was in a CVS drugstore at which there was very little plain ol' aspirin compared to everything else, so maybe she was right. We're living through history right now and learning a lot as we go along. As someone with a minor in a scientific field, I understand that sometimes what we thought right away is not what's borne out when we look further. The joy we have in living through history...
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